Karns BBQ: Grilled Salmon with Corn Avocado Salsa

Karn's Backyard BBQ
  • 1 24 oz Cedar Bar Planked Sugar & Spice Atlantic Salmon
  • 2 ripe avocados, peeled, cored and diced
  • 1 cup corn kernels (grilled/roasted if desired)
  • 3 Tbsp chopped cilantro
  • 1 jalapeno minced (seeds removed if desired)
  • 1.5 Tbsp minced garlic
  • 1 Lime, juiced
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Corn Tortillas

Optional additional toppings:  diced tomatoes and shredded/crumbled cheese

Cook salmon according to package.

While salmon cooks prepare avocado and corn salsa.

Combine all ingredients and mix gently.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.  Looking to add more heat?  Add a dash of cayenne pepper.  Looking for a sweater flavor?  Try a drizzle of honey.

When salmon is cooked break into small portions and layer in tacos, top with salsa and desired additional toppings!

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