CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — This past week in the Midstate there were four different eating establishments cited with a combined 36 inspection violations.

Cumberland County:

Burger King (3555 Gettysburg Road)

  • On Wednesday, November 8, this fast food establishment was out of compliance and cited with twelve inspection violations. According to the inspector’s report, there were a number of fruit flies and black flies gathering around two trash cans that were situated near the slushy machine, in the back food prep area. Furthermore, the establishment was cited for having a brown and black mold-like substance on their ice machine. Lastly, the inspector says that there was a build-up of food debris in the floor drains, coupled with an accumulation of dust in multiple other areas.

Lancaster County:

Homestead Village Inc. (2426 Lime Spring Way)

  • On Wednesday, November 8, this facility received nine inspection violations. During the inspection, there was a can of “chafing fluid” that was found being stored next to packets of salt and pepper and tea bags in the back food prep area. Additionally, the inspector saw a build-up of black dust on the fan blades, which are located in the dish room and the food prep area. The inspector also noted that there was an excess of residue left over from food labels that had accumulated on a stack of metal food containers.

Lebanon County:

Hidden Spring Farm (3000 Heidelberg Avenue)

  • On Friday, November 3, this establishment was cited with three inspection violations. The inspector said that there was chicken being offered for sale that was processed from an unknown or unapproved source. They also cited this establishment for not demonstrating that their water is safe for use, which is required when you are processing poultry onsite.

York County:

Dairy Queen (110 Old York Road)

  • On Saturday, November 4, the inspector issued twelve violations to this ice cream location. The inspector reported that they saw “too numerous to count” mouse-like feces on the food contact surfaces by the cake decorating area. In addition, there was a brown and black mold-like substance that was found on the inside of the dispensing area of their ice machine. There were also many different utensils that were seen being stored in already contaminated plastic bins, that had food debris in them.

The Department of Agriculture has a searchable database of Pennsylvania restaurant inspections on its website. If you come across a dirty restaurant, you can file a complaint on the department’s website.