CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — In the past two weeks, the Department of Agriculture found 95 inspection violations in nine different eateries.

Cumberland County:

Nonna Ilva (204 North Hanover Street)

  • On Wednesday, October 25, this Italian restaurant was found to be in violation of nine inspection standards. The inspector identified a mold-like residue on an uncleaned cutting board and observed employees not wearing appropriate hair restraints. Additionally, the report states that the establishment stored dirty equipment as if it had been cleaned, an improper practice. Furthermore, the restaurant utilized a rusty tool chest for equipment storage, which has the potential to contaminate the items stored within.

Great Wall (1225 Ritner Highway)

  • On Wednesday, November 1, this Chinese restaurant received eight inspection violations. The inspection report indicated a situation where a metal sponge was found in the sink in direct contact with chicken, posing a potential contamination risk. Furthermore, shrimp was being thawed in stagnant water next to the sink, which is not an approved method for thawing. Additionally, open garbage cans were observed outside of the restaurant, providing a potential habitat for pests and rodents.

Dauphin County:

Lan’s Wok (302 West Main Street)

  • On Saturday, October 28, this Chinese restaurant was out of compliance and cited with fifteen inspection violations. The inspector observed raw chicken, shrimp, and eggs being stored above ready-to-eat items in the walk-in cooler, and multiple foods in the cooler being stored without any coverings. In addition, numerous uncleaned utensils were being used and were in contact with spices, rice, flour, and more. According to the inspector’s report, they also saw multiple containers in the kitchen with an accumulation of dust, dirt, and food residue on them.

It is important to note that three of these violations were corrected on-site, according to the inspector.

Triple B Restaurant and Bar (4401 Derry Street)

  • On Thursday, October 26, this restaurant and bar was cited with twelve inspection violations. According to the report, the inspector found evidence of rodent and insect activity on the outside of the walk-in cooler, and it was noted that the facility did not have a pest control program. The inspector’s report also says that the interior walls, floors, ceilings, and storage racks in the walk-in cooler were “extremely dirty” and in need of cleaning.

Lancaster County:

Always Never Done (3090 Harrisburg Pike)

  • On Friday, October 27, this establishment was found to have two inspection violations. Based on the inspector’s report, it was observed that a covered trash can for sanitary napkins was not provided in the women’s bathroom. In addition, the hot water heater in the establishment was noted to be generating insufficient hot water to adequately fill the three-compartment sink during the inspection.

Mifflin County:

Red’s Diner of Lewistown (878 South Main Street)

  • On Tuesday, October 24, this diner was out of compliance and cited with sixteen inspection violations. During the inspection, a food employee was seen handling clean dishes after handling dirty dishes without washing their hands or changing their gloves. According to the report, the inspector also observed many food items being stored directly on the floor of the walk-in freezer, instead of the required six inches off the ground. They also saw bags of soda being stored on the floor of the basement in a pool of previously spilled soda. There was also a noticeable black buildup on the interior walls of the ice machine, as well as rust on the shield of the machine.

Perry County:

Liverpool Diner (1412 Susquehanna Trail)

  • On Friday, October 27, the inspector found this diner to be out of code with eight inspection violations. According to the report, the inspector found chemicals and pesticides being stored in the back food prep area on the same shelves as pasta, noodle foods, utensils, and other equipment. The inspector also found foods such as french toast batter and fruit toppings being stored without any coverings. Additionally, an employee’s axe body spray was seen being stored in the back food prep area with other food items, instead of being stored in a dressing room or an employee area.

It is important to note that five of these violations were repeat violations from a previous inspection.

York County:

Lewisberry Convenience, LLC (658 Wyndamere Road)

  • On Wednesday, October 25th, the inspector issued this establishment with fourteen inspection violations. As per the inspector’s report, there was beef jerky on display for sale to customers that exhibited a white mold-like substance. Additionally, raw eggs were found stored above ready-to-eat foods in the grab-and-go case, and unwrapped apples were also stored in the same area. The inspector additionally noted a concerning accumulation of debris and wood pallets in the vicinity of the dumpster area, which could potentially attract pests.

El Despertar (401 North George Street)

  • On Monday, October 23, this Spanish restaurant was out of compliance with eleven inspection violations. The inspector saw raw beef and pork being stored above fruits and vegetables inside of the walk-in cooler, as well as cooked pork being stored underneath raw meats. According to the report, there were also ready-to-eat foods in the walk-in cooler that were being held for more than 24 hours without having the date marked. The inspector also cited this establishment for having personal medications being stored alongside food on top of the microwave.

It is important to note that this establishment corrected seven of these violations, according to the inspector’s report.

The Department of Agriculture has a searchable database of Pennsylvania restaurant inspections on its website. If you come across a dirty restaurant, you can file a complaint on the department’s website.