CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — Ten different businesses across the Midstate announced their upcoming closures this month.

Here is a recap of all the business closures, in case you missed it:


OMG Donuts (5/1)

  • A locally owned specialty donut shop recently closed its doors back on May 6. The donut shop was owned and operated by Sarah and Matt Finch who opened the shop back in December 2020.

Tuesday Morning (5/2)

  • A Texas-based retailer recently announced that it is closing all of its store locations – four of those closing locations are based in Pennsylvania.

Festoon Boutique (5/8)

  • A locally owned clothing and fashion boutique closed its doors after 19 years. The Festoon Boutique is owned and operated by Kathy Frey, and the business will officially close its doors on August 1.

Christmas Tree Shop (5/10)

  • A 73-year-old seasonal holiday retail store recently announced it will be closing two Pennsylvania-based locations. Christmas Tree Shop was first found back in 1950 in Yarmouthport, Massachusetts.

Sears Home Appliance Showroom (5/11)

  • Sears recently announced that it will be closing its showroom location at the Capital City Mall. According to signage, the business is currently undergoing a liquidation process.

Sofas Unlimited (5/16)

  • A family owned furniture store recently announced it will be closing after 31 years. The long-time Sofas Unlimited is owned and operated by Jack Lashay, who recently announced his retirement.

Disney Store (5/17)

  • A local Disney store at the Hershey Tanger Outlets recently closed its doors for good. Following this closure, there will be only one other Disney store in all of Pennsylvania, which can be found in Lancaster County.

Bright’s Restaurant (5/19)

  • A local restaurant in Lancaster County recently announced that it will be closing its doors in June due to staffing issues and other personal reasons. Bright’s Restaurant first opened more than 55 years ago.

Brick House Cafe (5/26)

  • A long time cafe in Lancaster announced its closing its doors after 17 years. Brick House Cafe is owned and operated by David Reist, who first purchased the historic property back in 2006.

Kathy’s Hallmark (5/29)

  • A local Hallmark location recently announced that it had to close its doors after 33 years because the owners of their space increased their rent by almost 600%. Kathy’s Hallmark’s last day of operation will be June 19.