HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Soon after starting with Harrisburg based Reach Cyber Charter School, nine-year-old David Balogun tested out of elementary and middle school and started his high school curriculum.

“I finished eighth grade in two and a half months and then I started high school,” Balogun said.

Balogun says attending school remotely allowed him to excel at a faster pace. His mother, Ronya Balogun, says his acceleration wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the support they received from Reach.

“When he heard the word ‘S.T.E.M’ program, at seven years old, he was jumping up and down. I said ‘Okay, this is where we’re going, this is what we’re doing.’ He loved it from the first moment. It’s been an amazing journey,” said Ronya Balogun.

As a high school graduate David Balogun is taking classes at Buck County Community College and together as a family they’re exploring what’s next. The family says they’re currently looking into ivy-league colleges but living on campus is not an option.

“It’s something we really have to think about really seriously,” Dr. Henry Balogun, David’s father, said.