(WHTM)– Ever heard of the fruit called pawpaw? If not, then It’s time to learn because it’s National Pawpaw Day and their trees can be found all across the Midstate!

“People want to try this bucket list fruit that nobody’s ever heard of,” Owner of Threefold Farm Katherine Clymer said.

Well nobody except the people who know all about them. Including a few who will drive hundreds of miles for pawpaws.

“So far this year, I think our farthest is New York City,” Katherine said.

But maybe what’s strangest is that they can get something like this.

“Kind of a cross between, what would you say,” Other owner of Threefold Farm Tim Clymer asked Katherine.

“Banana, mango, yeah, definitely a tropical-tasting fruit,” Katherine said.

This close to New York City.

“They grow wild in woods around here,” Tim said.

And at Threefold Farm in Cumberland County, which can be found at 1692 W Lisburn Rd.

“A tropical fruit in Central Pennsylvania,” Katherine said.

Katherine and Tim Clymer remember how friends and family reacted when they said they were planning to make a business of growing a fruit you have to go to lengths just to explain what it is.

“I think a lot of people thought we were a little crazy,” Tim said.

“Definitely,” Katherine said.

Were they right?

“Yeah, they were definitely right,” Tim said.

You have to pick pawpaws at just the right time.

“We’re squeezing almost every pawpaw almost every day,” Tim said.

There’s Tim picking the low-hanging fruit. So are pawpaws the next big thing?

“Maybe we’ll make the new pumpkin spice,” the duo said. “Yeah, we’ll do pawpaw spice. yeah. the latest trend.”

They’re joking, kind of, but they say there’s precedent for what they’re trying to do.

“Blueberries were really wild 100 years ago, and we’ve just slowly brought them out of that,” Tim said. “So pawpaws are at the same level about now where we’re just starting to sort of bring them out of the woods.”

To the point where they’ve begun to catch on.

“We start getting calls, you know, mid-August, Tim said. “When are they going to be ready? And then there’s people who are totally new, totally totally green. so to speak!”

And sure enough, in the Midtsate there are also festivals celebrating pawpaws. There is one in York County going from Saturday, Sept. 23 to Sunday, Sept. 24, at Horn Farm Center, located at 4945 Horn Rd. And Threefold Farm will have their festival on Oct. 7.