YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvania State Police announced that charges have been filed against an Alabama man who illegally obtained a horse from a York County man through a fraudulent credit card scheme.

According to troopers, the horse named “Predict the Future,” was posted for sale online by the owner who resides in York County. The owner of Predict the Future received a phone call from a man who said his name was “Leroy Davis.”

“Davis” claimed that he was from Mississippi and agreed to pay $15,000 for Predict the Future. He paid with two $7,500 credit card transactions, police say.

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The York County man had the horse shipped to the buyer’s supposed address in Moss Point, Mississippi, via a transportation company.

According to police, after the horse was delivered, police say that the York County man was notified that the credit card transactions were disputed as fraudulent, and the money was removed from the man’s bank account to cover the chargeback.

The York County man stated that the horse was microchipped and could be identified if needed.

Criminal Investigator Tropper Timothy Reynolds took over the investigation and contacted the transportation company, Brook Ledge Inc. According to the company, the buyer had scheduled the transport and paid for the shipment with a credit card.

According to police, the horse was shipped and arrived at a stable facility in Lexington, Kentucky. However, the staff there would not let the man leave with the horse because his trailer was deemed inadequate and unsafe for transport.

Brook Ledge Inc. agreed to transport the horse to Moss Point, Mississippi, at the man’s request, who paid for this with a credit card as well, police say.

According to police, after the horse was delivered, the shipping company found out that the credit card transactions were reported as fraudulent by the rightful owners of the card numbers for each transaction.

Tropper Reynolds obtained search warrants for multiple phone numbers that were used to facilitate the transactions. Through the search warrants, police discovered that a cell phone with the same phone number connected to the crime was in the area of the stables in Lexington, Kentucky, on Oct. 13. It was also in the area of Piggly Wiggly in Moss Point, Mississippi, where the horse was eventually delivered on Oct. 15.

Trooper Reynolds requested that the Mobile County Sheriff’s Department check the address that was associated with the phone number in Irvington, Alabama.

On Dec. 28, law enforcement checked the address and found a horse that matched the description of Predict the Future on an adjacent property. They also observed a trailer matching the images of the involved trailer from Lexington, Kentucky, and Moss Point, Mississippi.

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A man on the property told police that the house belonged to Bradley Wells. Police scanned the microchip on the horse and found that the horse was Predict the Future.

Law enforcement seized the horse and kept it at a local stable until it could be transported back to Pennsylvania, police say.

Police say the Mobile County Sheriff’s Department confirmed through property records in Alabama that Bradley Wells is the owner of the property at 11325 Moores Lane. It was also found that Wells was associated with the property at 4125 Griffin Street in Moss Point, Mississippi. This was the address that “Leroy Davis” provided to the York County man on the bill of sale documents for the horse.

Trooper Reynolds obtained an arrest warrant for Wells. Wells was charged with Theft, Access Device Fraud, and Criminal Use of a Communications Facility. Charges were filed on Jan. 6 in Magisterial District Court 19-3-04.

According to police, Wells turned himself in on Jan. 18. Then on Feb. 1 Trooper Reynolds obtained another arrest warrant for Wells on charges of Theft of Services, Access Device Fraud, and Criminal Use of Communication Facility in Magisterial District Court 23-3-03 in Berks County for using a fraudulent credit card to facilitate the transportation of the horse through Brook Ledge Inc.