YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM)– First in Perry County, but now there’s an emu on the loose in another part of the Midstate.

The loose emu has been the talk of social media all over Cumberland and York counties.

“It was a total shock to me,” Carrol Township resident Art Carr said.

Carr, near Dillsburg, didn’t know the story until the story found him.

“I walked out to my door in the morning and I thought I was seeing things and I’m like, that’s an emu,” Carr said. “And it was just wandering around my front yard. We get deer, you know, get occasional bear turkeys, but never an emu. I took a few pictures.”

And a video.

“I was just so amazed at the time,” Carr said.

Up close, you can really tell they descended from dinosaurs.

“Yeah, I kind of felt like I was walking in Jurassic Park,” Carr said. “Apparently he’s been loose for quite a few weeks and he’s from over near boiling springs somewhere.”

He knew someone was probably looking for it.

“So I have this little yellow buggy,” Carr said. “Because they said if you caught him to put him in a pen and, you know, he’d it’d be okay. So I tried, but emus are very fast. He outran my cart.”

Might there instead be some way to attract it?

“Well, funny you ask that because, you know, at that time I didn’t know, apparently, he likes grapes,” Carr said.

Green grapes work best, and no, they don’t bite the hand that feeds them. And no, none of the emus from a nearby emu farm are the missing emu, after all that, it wouldn’t be the missing emu, would it?

“Some of them get loose, and they can survive the winter,” Carr said.

But this one had a close call in the summer.

“The scary part was he was on the train track over here and the train comes down around the bend and it sees them and the train lays on the horn,” Carr said. “And, I couldn’t even watch, and right before the train hits him, he jumps off the tracks in the nick of time.”

The reason Carr couldn’t watch?

“I feel bad for the owners because you know, I have animals,” Carr said. “And, you know, when I even think one’s missing, I start freaking out. It’s like I can’t even imagine what they’re going through, you know?”

There’s precedent around here for happy reunions with long-missing emus. Carr hopes history can repeat itself.