PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — When you think of Pennsylvania, you may not think of tropical-like fruit. But there is one fruit that is native to the state that can be considered tropical.

This fruit is the pawpaw. These fruits are the largest edible fruit trees that are native to North America. The trees produce greenish-blackish fruit that are usually three to six inches long and have a taste that is tropical in nature. The website Serious Eats says that it tastes almost like a mango crossed with a banana.

This fruit grows best in areas that have hot summers and cold winters and their trees fruit in late August to early October.

According to the Susquehanna National Heritage Area, Native Americans used the pawpaw as fruit and medicine for centuries. This fruit is native to Pennsylvania and is also native to 25 other states around the county.

You can find them here in the Midstate as well. You can find the Falmouth Forest Garden along the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail. This is where the Lancaster Conservancy planted a five-acre section to show off edible foliage such as pawpaws.