HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A recent abc27 investigation revealed that Pennsylvania sales tax is sometimes improperly included in online purchases. So what about prepaid EZ-pass tolls?

Cam Fitzgerald of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, noticed something wasn’t right when she bought a $7 EZ-pass transponder and $35 worth of prepaid tolls at a local grocery store.

“The total was $44 and some change and it was clear to me they were charging me tax on the $35 toll, which just is not right and I said something to the cashier and she said, ‘Oh I don’t know I just ring it up and it does its thing,'” said Fitzgerald.

According to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, prepaid tolls are not taxable in Pennsylvania. Fitzgerald went back to the grocery store to get a refund, but she had more questions.

“I understand people might be like, ‘That’s only $2.’ But if they do that every time they sell it, it can add up. If they sell 100 of them that’s $200. If they sell 1,000 of them that’s $2,000. How long has it been going on, and where does that extra money go?” Fitzgerald added.

If a retailer recognizes the error quickly, they can refund the money to their customers. Otherwise, the improperly charged tax revenue will end up in Pennsylvania’s general fund.

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue also confirmed that an EZ-pass transponder is taxable, but prepaid tolls are not.

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In Fitzgerald’s case, the receipt should have separated the two items to ensure that the proper tax is applied.

If you think you have been wrongfully charged Pennsylvania sales tax on prepaid toll purchases, go back to the retailer and ask for a refund or file a petition for a refund online with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.