CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) -The holiday season is around the corner, meaning it’s about time to start tree shopping if you get a live one.

But, one question that continues into this year is, will there be enough?

“I sell what I grow, and I don’t go out and buy other trees. I grow my trees up in Perry County, then bring them down here in Mechanicsburg,” said Sober’s Christmas Trees owner Curtis Sober.

Sober is not in short supply of trees this year. But, in a few years, it may be a different story as it takes seven or eight years for a pine tree to grow big enough to be a Christmas tree,

“Well, it always worries because if you’re down a year… the warm weather hasn’t been a problem, really, except for the real small trees,” said Sober.

In the Spring, they planted about 600 trees. But this summer was so hot and dry that 80% of them died.

But the larger trees weren’t affected.

“The larger trees have deeper roots and so they made it through the dry spell,” said Sober.

Sober did plant more pine trees this fall in hopes of making up for the ones he lost.

“I went and I got about 300, what they call plug trees, plug seedlings. So, I planted those, and I wish I had planted more, but time constraints just kept me from doing anything more,” said Sober.

Even though Sober’s Trees is not in short supply, he says it’s always best to get your tree early because you can put it in water, keep it in the shade and it should stay fresh until it’s time to put the tree up.

Sober’s Trees opens Saturday, Nov. 18.

Sober mentioned that the biggest tree he ever grew is 33 feet and it’s being cut down after Thanksgiving and will be the City of Harrisburg’s Christmas tree this year.