(WHTM) – The Pennsylvania Treasury Department hosts two auctions every year to get rid of unclaimed property. This year online auctions have items with an average worth of $16,000.

“The Auction has an estimated value of over $250,000,” said Stacy Garrity Pennsylvania State Treasurer.

The treasury has recovered thousands of items over the years, and that number continues to grow making it harder to store new items.

“Fun fact this is the largest working vault in the country however we still have limited space so we do hold two auctions a year now we do look for three years for the rightful owner of the items before we auction them off,” said Garrity.

The treasury is sitting on more than 4.5 billion dollars of unclaimed property and says one out of every ten Pennsylvanians is owed something. If your property is sold before you have a chance to claim it. You are entitled to the proceeds from the sale.

“We track everything very carefully so that even after an item is sold, the proceeds are always going to be available for the rightful owner. The rightful owner can come forward months, years, or even decades from now and that money will still be available for them,” said Garrity.

The auction continues tomorrow head to Unclaimed Property (patreasury.gov)