HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A mildly surprising election night became a shocking day after Democrats not only claimed Pennsylvania’s top two prizes, but also added a rare majority in the State House.

Going into Election Day, Republicans expected a red wave, but were left blue.

The Pennsylvania governor race went Democratic by 14 points.

The US Senate, which was expected to take days to decide, went blue in hours.

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“No red wave. Looks like a blue wall,” said Pete Shelly of Shelly Lyons Communications.

These key wins for Democrats built a wall that blocked Republicans’ hopes of big wins in the Commonwealth.

“It’s a pretty strong rebuke of the very extreme policy views position and rhetoric from the top of the Republican ticket,” Shelly added.

Christopher Nicholas of Eagles Consulting Groups spoke on John Fetterman’s big win in the Senate race against Mehmet Oz. “I give credit to Fetterman for finding a winning strategy. I hope we don’t have buyer’s remorse,” he said.

But GOP remorse revolves around a third straight uncompetitive governor’s race. The candidate selection process will certainly be under a microscope.

“I think we have to nominate folks in primary who know they need to run a different type of general election,” Nicholas added.

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The blue wave on Tuesday, Nov. 8, became a blue earthquake on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

“We can confidently say Democrats will retake the majority in the house,” said Rep. Leigh Ann Kruger (D – Delaware County).

State House Democrats who ran in newly drawn districts say they are in the majority for the first time since 2010. However, that is yet to be official and there are still votes to be counted.

If Democrats do take control of the State House, history will be made as Joanna McClinton would become the first woman speaker.

“We will have a women with the gavel,” McClinton said.

It was undoubtedly a huge night for Democrats in Pennsylvania, but there were some bright spots for the GOP across the nation.

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“There was more of what I call a red kiddie pool wave. I think Republicans are going to take control of the House of Representatives and be tied or take control of the Senate,” said Nicholas.