(WHTM) – Poison frontman and Midstate native Bret Michaels has a new fur-ever friend named… Bret Michaels.

According to the Nebraska Humane Society in Omaha, 6-year-old husby Bret Michaels was able to provide blood for a kitten who came in “wobbly, weak, and lethargic” from flea anemia.

The humane society says Bret Michaels was a perfect match and through a xenotransfusion they were able to provide care for the kitten, who is now “showing signs of improvement.”

Days later, the humane society said the singer Bret Michaels reached out and is now adopting the husky.

“We can’t wait to see how he thrives in his new home, we just hope it doesn’t get too confusing when someone tells Bret Michaels to fetch,” said the humane society.

Michaels told PEOPLE that he has two rescue shepherds and that he “could not have been more touched and more honored to adopt Bret Michaels.”