CUMBERLAND COUNTY, (WHTM) — Mikell Simpson, founder of Capital Rebirth says he will never step foot in Dockside Willies restaurant in Wormleysburg.

According to Mikell, he and his Capital Rebirth group – who were wearing Juneteenth T-shirts “were basically denied service” at Dockside Willies Friday night.

One of the managers at Dockside Willies told abc27 News the incident that occurred “was a big misunderstanding” and that the employees at the restaurant did not even notice the Juneteenth T-shirts.

“They were not refused service of any kind. It was a misunderstanding between our hostess and him. Once he messaged us after he left, we spoke to him and we apologized for the misunderstanding.  We have about 400 employees, and over 300 are minorities. There is no such thing as racism at our restaurants.”

According to Mikell, they arrived at the restaurant at 6:50 p.m. and left around 7:30 p.m.

Mikell says their pager buzzed in 10-15 minute increments between the first and second buzzer.

“Both times they said it was a mistake. Then they said they could not seat us until our entire party showed up. We were all there waiting outside. Others that were behind us were seated before us.”

According to Mikell, they showed up to the restaurant wearing their Juneteenth T-shirts which they had on from their event earlier that day.

The restaurant confirms they have reached out to Mikell via social media to apologize.

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We will continue to investigate and update the story as we get more information.