CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM)– A man is facing charges that include attempted homicide that stem from a 2021 shooting in Cumberland County.

Quynton Werdebach, 28, of Carlise, is accused of driving away from the scene of a shooting where a Jeep that was being driven was hit by gunfire, Carlisle Borough Police said in a criminal complaint.

There were five spent shell casings that police found at the intersection of North Pitt and E Street in Carlisle Borough.

Police say that the driver of the Jeep returned to the scene and police saw a bullet hole in the middle of the passenger door. The driver and a witness at the scene told police that the shots were fired from the passenger side of the other vehicle and that the Jeep followed the vehicle after being shot at.

According to the complaint, police found two occupied homes and another vehicle that were struck by bullets.

Video surveillance showed the shooter’s vehicle was a red Toyota Camry. Police say that when they found the Camry, it was being cleaned at a car wash by two people who claimed that Werdebach told them to clean it. Additional witnesses tied Werdebach to the Camry.

Wederbach’s tattoo on his left hand was also used to match him to the Camry driver, police say.

Wederbach was arraigned on Thursday on charges that include a felony count of attempted homicide, aggravated assault and prohibited possession of a firearm. He also faces misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief, and recklessly endangering another person.

Wederbach is currently out on unsecured bail that is set at $100,000, and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 25.