CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — Frustration with the postal service continues in the Carlisle area.

Some people haven’t received mail in 10 days.

“I’d be happy to get mail every three days. At least once a week. It’s two weeks with no mail at all,” Glen Folk said.

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The last time he and his neighbors received mail was Tuesday, Oct. 5.

“There’s people expecting checks. How do we pay our bills,” Folk said. “Are they going to reimburse us, the postal service going to reimburse us for late charges and things of that nature?”

Folk tried to pick up his mail in person and so did Kent Creason. They got the same response.

“I went into the post office after seven days, tried to get my mail and they said they couldn’t give me the mail because the union contract would not allow them to give out mail,” Creason said.

Mark Sheftall’s apartment complex hasn’t been getting daily deliveries for several months. And at one point the post office said they could only pick it up in person.

“I am considering setting up a P.O. box because it’s been about three months when we haven’t been getting regular daily delivery of mail,” Sheftall said.

abc27 asked the USPS why packages are getting priority over regular mail and how those without internet access can arrange for pickup, among many other questions these folks have.

The only response abc27 got was an apology for the inconvenience and that the USPS is trying to hire more workers.

Customers with any service concerns can contact 1-800-ASK-USPS. Those in Carlisle can also call (717) 243-3531.

“From what they told me there are 12 routes that are not filled and they need people,” Creason said.

If you’d rather pick up your mail in person as opposed to waiting for it from the Carlisle post office, you can send an email to Notify the post office the day before you pick up mail and bring a photo ID.