CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — Many Midstaters have not been getting their mail for weeks, including people in Carlisle. Some say the post office is not being very helpful.

This is not a new problem. abc27 reported similar issues in the fall of 2021. The post office is telling residents they are seriously short-staffed. One woman said she understands, but she wants them to do something.

Gail Smith and her husband have lived in Carlisle for six years.

“I love Carlisle, we love this little town and the community,” she said.

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Lately, there has been a downside, though: no mail for days on end.

“It started about 10, 11 days ago,” Smith said. “We’ve complained now so many times we have three case numbers.”

Smith said her family depends on getting their mail on time. “I run a small business from home, my husband gets his medicine delivered,” she said.

When she finally visited the post office, Smith quickly realized she is not alone. She said the line stretched around the building.

“It was like Christmas inside the post office except people weren’t mailing packages, they were trying to find out where their mail was,” she said.

The post office took down her address and told her to come back the next day, saying if they had the staff, they would try and sort her mail and hold it for her. She did what they told her to, but the problem persists.

“They were short of help, they were doing job fairs,” she said a supervisor told her.

The post office isn’t just lacking the staff for delivery. Smith said they told her they might not have enough people to sort the mail every day. “Nothing was sorted for my subdivision,” she said.

Smith said she is trying to be sympathetic, but she is losing patience.

“It’s frustrating,” she said. “Deliver the mail a couple of days a week. Two days a week is better than nothing.”

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In a statement sent to abc27 on Wednesday, USPS Strategic Communications Specialist Mark Lawrence said:

“Regarding service in the Carlisle area, we are experiencing some delays due to employee availability. We are utilizing all available resources currently, including bringing in additional employees from outside areas to assist with mail delivery. The Postal Service continues to sort and deliver ballots as they are presented to us. Additionally, we are in the process of aggressively recruiting, evaluating, and hiring qualified candidates for vacancies in the area with postings on our website at We regret any inconvenience to our customers at this time.”