BOILING SPRINGS, Pa. (WHTM) — A popular lake in Cumberland County is badly in need of repairs.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has released plans to improve safety and recreation at Children’s Lake through a $2.1 million rehabilitation project.

The lake was built in the early 1900s and has served ever since as a recreation destination for many.

“Every summer and even throughout the winter months, with the Appalachian Trail, it becomes a focal point of the community, so we’re happy when we have visitors and we want to put our best foot forward,” said Neil Sunday, TCO Fly Shop employee and fly fishing guide.

That’s not so easy with deteriorating stone walls that weren’t designed for long-term retention.

“There’s a lot of opportunities to improve the facility which is a major amenity and economic driver for the area, and along with that design, comes some safety improvements,” said Mike Parker, communications director for the fish and boat commission

The commission plans to construct a new concrete boat ramp and ADA-compliant fishing pier.

“It creates at times a challenging situation to accommodate all the folks who want to come to the lake either to walk or fish and just vehicles driving by, so we’re just trying to find a way to improve that area,” township manager Cory Adams said.

One design focuses on the fishing area next to Bucher Hill Road.

“Under the proposed plan, [the fishing area] would be stretched out to allow for a safer area for public fishing to access the lake,” Parker said. “As a result, Bucher Hill Road would become a one-way road.”

Other major upgrades include a larger spillway and concrete retention wall for the dam and replacing the failing stone wall around the lake with decorative precast concrete blocks.

“If you look at the overall plan, we think it’s going to be beneficial to the visitors to the lake and the users of the lake,” Sunday said.

The rehabilitation is still in the design phase. If all goes as planned, construction will start in the spring of 2021.