CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — Cumberland County would like to clarify that it remains in the “red phase.”

The Board of Commissioners says Cumberland County is currently not moving toward a unilateral “re-opening,” in the manner that some other counties have announced.

They say, “This move, we are advised, has no legal basis, and would not stand up, and could actually endanger the business licenses of those who defy the state of emergency declaration.”

The county states it is committed to a reopening that can last, and have sustained success for the community. Cumberland County commissioners are researching the options available, as reported in the media, both from a legal and a practical standpoint, as a decision nears on how, and when, to move the county toward safe re-opening.

Cumberland County is not promoting or advocating any actions that are openly defiant of the state of emergency or encouraging individuals or businesses to break the law. The county plans to submit a letter to the Governor urging him to fully consider the economic vitality needs of communities as a key piece of the decisions on restrictions. 

“While we do not agree with all the decisions made at the state level, and acknowledge the role of our legislature in maintaining appropriate checks and balances, our experience has been that the state’s support at many levels has been invaluable, and we hope it will continue as we move closer into crisis recovery mode,” The Board of Commissioners said in a press release.