NEWVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) — Police in Newville, Cumberland County are advising residents of two dogs who are running around causing injuries to people in the community

According to police, over the last few weeks, officials have received complaints regarding two dogs in the area of Springfield Avenue and Fairfield Street in Newville. One of the dogs is described as a cream-colored pitbull, and the other is described as a chocolate lab.

On Jan. 6, police took a report that the two dogs allegedly attacked a man and woman. Then, on Jan. 7, police took another report that the pitbull attacked a man and his wife and nipped the man in the foot.

Newville police have charged the owners of the dogs with Dangerous Dogs under title three. Both dogs are to be kept in quarantine and only allowed out of the home while on the leash and in the hands of the owner.

If you see these dogs loose, you are asked to take caution and contact Newville Police.