CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) — Trinity High School’s Principal John Cominsky’s 100-mile journey began when he was diagnosed with COVID two years ago. As he recovered, he set new goals for improving his health.

“All things considered I feel good right now, about to complete 30 miles,” said Cominsky.

He’s got his water bottle, and his plan to walk as far as he can each day.

“Fifty miles would be a great goal on the first day,” said Cominsky.

Fifty miles on Thursday, then 25 miles on Friday, and then 25 miles on Saturday, all with the full support of his colleagues and students.

“It’s a fight for his life and that fight for his light is turning into a good cause, not only for him but for his family and the school itself, ” said Jordan Hill, Trinity High School Football Coach

He picked a hot day to get started. However, even in 85-degree weather, teachers aren’t worried about his physical health.

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“He’s doing really good, and when you are doing a feat like this the number one thing for me is how is he doing mentally, “ said Hill.

Cominsky’s mission is to help raise money for Saint Francis Soup Kitchen in Harrisburg, and having students and teachers walk with him is pushing along the way.

“This is a mental game, as much as it is a physical game, and a distance like this when I have people walking by my side, its more peace of mind, more strength of mine,” said Cominsky.

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There’s added incentive for students to join him, they can get service hours for completing a few laps, On Friday the entire student body will do one lap with him, during their annual field day.

“I’m easy to keep up with slow and steady is winning this race,” said Cominsky.

It will take 403 laps around the track to complete 100 miles.

It may sound like a lot, but not to Cominksy.

“I think it’s doable, so you know why not give it a shot,” said Cominsky.