CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – Jami Allen from Silver Spring Township lives on East Willow Terrace Drive, near where the oil spill happened.

Allen says after the spill he was never contacted by the township, The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), or the water company about his well water. So, Allen reached out to the DEP.

“And when I contacted them, they certainly weren’t aware that we were on wells down here,” said Allen.

Allen says there are nine families in his neighborhood that have wells.

“You know, I have my daughter lives here. There’s lots of kids on this street. Is our thing safe? You know, that’s my main concern,” said Allen.

When Allen expressed concern over the safety of his water. Allen says DEP told him to just smell it.

“There’s really no way to tell without testing the well. And I don’t know if anybody’s coming or not. And you could you know, if you could smell it, then, you know, probably don’t want to use it. Well, you know, that’s not really enough for me,” said Allen.

All Allen and his neighbors want are answers.

“I mean, what are they doing? What’s the cleanup? What’s the long-range goals? Is this something I have to watch for the next few years? If there’s any expense involved with mitigation. Who’s going to take care of that? You know, a lot of people here, there are some seniors on fixed income. There’re families with lots of kids. No one has a lot of money to, you know, invest in something, really that we had nothing to do with,” said Allen.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health: …”Residents who rely on private well water are solely responsible for maintaining their water supplies, including have water quality testing completed on a regular basis.”

“I just don’t believe they’ve been totally forthcoming with all the information,” said Allen.