CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — Carlisle is shining the spotlight on the history of its downtown area.

Destination Carlisle applied for “Legends and Lore” markers to celebrate American folklore, tall tales, and foodways in the community. And two community favorites are getting the honors.

First, the legend of the Old Town Pump goes that anyone who drinks the water would be guaranteed to return to Carlisle someday. The other marker goes to the Hamilton Restaurant’s Hot-chee Dog, a signature take on a chili dog.

“[It’s] just so people sort of stop and think for a moment,” Stephanie Patterson Gilbert, President of Destination Carlisle said. “The simple things that make us and bond us as a community are also the things that make us special and unique as the Carlisle community.”

The markers will be delivered this summer. Each site will have its own unveiling ceremony.