NEW CUMBERLAND, Pa. (WHTM) — Leaders at Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Susquehanna,
are mitigating concerns among essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic by
updating them on policy changes and safety measures through on-site meetings.

DDSP Commander Army Col. James M. Callis II and Army 1st Sgt. Marcio Teixeira, DDSP senior enlisted advisor, are sharing the information with employees in groups of 30-40 to ensure social distancing.

“We support warfighters around the globe. If we shut down, one-third of the supplies DLA provides to these warfighters would disappear,” Callis said.

The Susquehanna center is a key part of the defense industrial base, he added, applauding employees’ commitment and uninterrupted support of military operations despite COVID-19 challenges.

Distribution process workers at Susquehanna continue packing and shipping orders for test kits, ventilators, hand sanitizers, masks, cots, hand-washing stations, industrial goggles, industrial face shields, and breathing sets.

Callis said it’s normal for essential employees to worry about their health and safety as they continue working amid stay-at-home orders that remain in many areas. Center officials are doubling efforts to keep employees safe by also sending weekly messages highlighting changes and precautions. A recent message described gate screenings as well as the availability of reusable cloth face coverings, gloves, disinfectant wipes and hand-sanitizer stations throughout the installation.

“These are very different and difficult times for us all, in every aspect of our lives, and witnessing that you would make the time to come and speak to us personally shows that you care, and that takes the sting off a little bit,” Brian Taylor, a distribution facilities specialist, said of the in-person meetings.

Callis plans to continue the sessions, which give employees the opportunity to ask questions and receive quick, candid feedback.

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