CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Lauren Moss is working to change current kennel regulations after her puppy was hurt at a kennel.

“My husband and I were in shock,” said Moss.

Moss says her dog, 3-month-old Nuggie, was happy and healthy when he was dropped off at a Cumberland County kennel in August.

“A few days later we received a call from an employee stating that he found Nuggie with his feet under an enclosure,” said Moss. “His feet slid under a gap and they were able to go into the kennel beside his where another dog was being boarded, and the dog proceeded to attack Nuggie. There were puncture wounds all over his legs. There was raw flesh exposed. This was bad.”

The golden doodle was taken to an emergency veterinarian and had to have surgery.

“I think that it was an accident, but I think it was an accident that could have been prevented. We have no idea how long this took place because there is no overnight cameras or overnight attendees there,” said Moss.

This is why she is pushing for change in the current kennel regulations.

“I am actually working with some members of the general assembly. I met with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to explore ways that we can tighten up the regulations of kennels,” said Moss.

Luckily, Nuggie has recovered from his injuries.

Moss reported the incident to the dog warden and the kennel was cited. Moss says the kennel also paid for Nuggie’s medical bills.

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“It is important to make these laws more strict to keep them safe and to protect our pets because we are their only voice,” said Moss.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture says if a kennel is cited by the dog warden it will be noted in its inspection report. It says the court has not yet processed the citation that was given to the Cumberland County kennel in this story and a fine has not yet been determined,  but it could range from $100-500.