LEMOYNE, Pa. (WHTM) — With rising covid case counts some grocery stores in our area are bringing back limits on some products.

It’s out of an abundance of caution because of the panic buying we saw back in march.

Karns Foods isn’t seeing any unusual spending right now, but many people are concerned about another possible lockdown or more restrictions, so stores are preparing.

With the second wave of COVID-19, a concern for a second wave of people stockpiling.

“It’s best right now for you to start stocking up. If you have to do it it’s time now because I do believe they’re going to shut down again. I really do,” said shopper Sharon Neal.

But there’s a difference between stocking up and panic buying.

Andrea Karns, vice president of sales and marketing, hopes that doesn’t happen again.

“We’ve been planning since March. We’ve been bringing in additional palates, additional shipments of some core items,” Karns said. “Additionally the manufacturers, they’ve really amped up their production of their core items to make sure that we didn’t see the outages that we saw in the spring.”

It’s a problem facing retailers across the country. Staples including toilet paper and paper towel now have limits.

“We are limiting our multipacks to two per shopper and that has started and we have plenty of inventory on hand, but again we are just doing that as a precautionary measure and we’re going to reevaluate as time goes on,” Karns said.

Shoppers are understanding.

“I would think that they just want to make sure that everybody gets some instead of everybody just coming and stockpiling and there not being enough for everybody,” said Eileen Severance.

Karns says especially with the holidays upon us, make a list and shop early for shelf stable items.

“Right now we encourage folks to buy what they need. Have two weeks of inventory on hand of any of your products. If you have a favorite item that you and your family just have to have, have a backup. Have two backups, but don’t clear out the shelves,” Karns said.