MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM)- All 85 Cumberland Valley School District buses are now outfitted with cameras through a program called BusPatrol. It will take a photo of a license plate if a driver violates school bus safety laws.

“People don’t even see our reds flashing, they are so hyper-focused on where they’re going, and it happens way too often,” said Katie Bowers, supervisor and bus driver for Rohrer Bus.

Cameras start rolling when the bus crossing arm is extended.

“We have two cameras facing forward, that is to catch the vehicle coming past the red stop sign, and then we have two on the backside to catch the license plate on the rear end of the vehicle,” said Bowers.

There’s also a camera to capture a 180-degree wide angle and a camera on the passenger side of the bus.

“Unfortunately, many cars will pass us on the shoulder,” said Bowers.

Footage captured by the cameras is shared with the district’s in-house police department to determine whether to issue a violation by mail which could carry a $300 fine.

“Any opportunity to keep our kids safe is one we want to avail ourselves of,” said Susan Keller, transportation manager for Cumberland Valley School District.

The BusPatrol program came at no cost to taxpayers.