CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — Last September, Carlisle lost one of its beloved residents when Nevin Lehman passed away at the age of 74.

Nevin was a staple in downtown Carlisle.

“Walk downtown and as soon as you see someone that carries their own music while they are walking, with purple hair and a fur fedora, then you probably met Nevin,” Pat LaMarche said.

Nevin wore bright clothes, pushed a shopping cart loaded with baubles and the twang of county music from his non-stop boogie box radio.

“He was very caring and very kind. He was also very goofy. He liked to make jokes and tell stories,” Lauren Sheeler, Carlisle Salvation Army, said.

He also frequented the restaurants that are in downtown Carlisle.

“Nevin was a customer of ours,” Ally Brehem, a Fay’s Country Kitchen waitress said. “He was a character, a figurine at our bar and come in and drink coffee and sometimes eat breakfast.”

A memorial service was held by the community downtown once the word spread of his passing, but his friends wanted to find a way to make sure his memory is not forgotten.

A Go Fund Me page was created by the Charles Bruce Foundation to raise money for a mural to be painted in downtown Carlisle.

A website has also been set up to allow those who knew Nevin to share memories and pictures.

“When we said we wanted to make a mural of Nevin, in a couple days it was paid for,” LaMarche said. “People just chipped in five bucks, fifty bucks, whatever they had.”

Local artist Aron Rook was commissioned to paint the mural on the North Street side of the Carlisle Antique Mall.

The mural was finished in just under two weeks and a dedication ceremony was held shortly after where dozens of Nevin’s friends attended sharing stories and memories.

“The only thing I wish is that we did this when Nevin was here to see it,” LaMarche said. “He would have camped out here and invited everyone to see my mural.”