CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM)– Trick-or-treaters in Cumberland County are being asked to check their bags after police say there were pieces of candy that had needles in them.

Three pieces of candy had sewing needles in them, that police say came from the Pine Hill/North Locust Lane/Sunset/Marble area. The needles were found after a parent of a trick-or-treater bit into the candy after picking it up off the ground, police say, and they are expected to be fine.

“We got lucky that nobody was hurt,” Silver Spring Township Police Chief Chris Raubenstine said. “Could have been a serious injury from this, if someone had swallowed it.”

Silver Spring Township Police said in a news release that they were called to the first block of Pine Hill Avenue for needles found in candy just after 7 p.m. Tuesday.

“We all hear about these things every year, but this is, in my 30 years, the first time that we’ve ever actually had it occur,” Raubenstine said.

The question is, where did it come from? Raubenstine says that’s what police want to know.

“We don’t know, did it fall, was it placed there intentionally with the hopes that somebody would pick it up?” Raubenstine said, adding that is part of what detectives are investigating.

He said tracing this back to the source could be difficult, and while it is not clear whether this candy was given to a trick-or-treater, Raubenstine is telling parents to check every piece of their kids’ candy.

“Take it out of the wrapper carefully, cut it into smaller pieces to make sure nothing’s in it,” he said.

Raubenstine told abc27 the police department has not received any more calls about needles in candy, but if parents find any, he is asking them to call police. Additionally, if anyone has information about the incident, including doorbell camera footage, they are asked to contact Officer Tyler Mardis at (717)-238-9676.