(WHTM)– A remarkable, and literal, ‘push’ across Pennsylvania, has reached the western part of the Midstate.

The Big Spring High School band in Newville, Cumberland County played for Paul Veneto, better known as “Paulie,” who is pushing an airline service cart all the way from Newark airport to the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville.

He was a flight attendant and lost friends on 9/11. The Big Spring School District managed to put together this big welcome in just one day!

“Be able to show him small-town pride and spirit and what we have. we appreciate his effort. we appreciate everything that he’s bringing to our community and more that what he’s doing for the nation,” Big Spring High School principal Jason Shover said.”

“I mean, he was on the flight there the night before. the fact that he was so close to that incident and the fact that he can share his story and share how that affected him, he knew people that that that happened to the fact that he can share that to us and then that can reflect back on us. that’s really important,” Big Spring High School student and drum major Lennon Anderson said.

Paulie will no doubt remember Big Spring every time he takes out the t-shirt they gave him as he passed through the area.