NEWPORT, Pa. (WHTM) — It’s what she wanted since middle school. It’s what she told abc27 News she wanted halfway through high school after rescuing and adopting the runaway Perry County emu.

So it’s no surprise. But for the record: Yes, Hanna Yohn, now 18 years old and preparing to graduate next spring from Newport High School, will indeed go into the veterinary field.

Yohn was accepted into the Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh, which means her relationship with Elvis, as the emu calls himself — or at least, as people call him — will, for the first time, be a long-distance relationship. Yohn isn’t excited about that part but is very excited about pursuing her long-time passion.

After the initial frenzy when she rescued Elvis, he and Yohn settled into a good routine together, according to her.

“It’s been good,” she said. “We get along. He’s been living his best life.”

Yohn said her long-term plan is to become an avian veterinarian. And yes: She would treat big birds.

She said she’s sure Elvis is happy and proud of her. Elvis didn’t deny that claim, but asked to corroborate it, he was tight-beaked.