(WHTM) — Schools everywhere in the Midstate teach students about the importance of Veteran’s Day, but some schools do more than just teach it.

One of those schools is Saint Patrick School in Carlisle. Many of the students there are children of active duty military members, through the Army War College, or other branches.

School families and parishioners gathered Friday for a parade of flags from the War College representing different nations. There were also other presentations and a photo tribute.

abc27 asked students what the event meant to them.

Some spoke about how their family members served in the military.

“My grandfather was in the Army. I’ve looked up to him my whole life,” 8th grader Wyatt Clark said. “And I feel so proud of myself. Coming in being able to do this with all of my friends. It feels really good.”

Others spoke about how the event was inspiring to them.

“It feels kind of inspiring because it just gives me more of the feeling inside for me to go out and just thank people, along with my classmates too,” Omar Balas, another 8th grader said.

A third student spoke about the gratitude she feels toward veterans.

“They mean a lot. They serve for our country, they gave up everything to serve us, and they had to leave their families to serve us,” Olivia Neidlinger, a third 8th grader said.

Saint Patrick School has also done more to serve military families outside of Friday’s event. The school recently got the Purple Star Award.

The Purple Star Schools Program recognizes schools that do a particularly good job supporting military-connected children when they move with their families from place to place.