CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — In June, the Department of Health and Carlisle Events were embroiled in a lawsuit that eventually fizzled out into a settlement; the settlement document reveals that the department allowed Spring Carlisle to continue with stipulations.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health filed a lawsuit against Carlisle Events on June 17, citing health concerns as the Spring Carlisle car show typically draws almost 100,000 visitors and would violate the limit of outdoor gatherings with less than 250 people.

The department and Carlisle Events reached a settlement two days later which allowed the car show to continue at 50% total capacity, no more than 20,000 visitors, and operating solely as a flea market.

That figured was determined by taking into account the 81 acres of land the car show was held.

The agreement also required Spring Carlisle to enforce social distancing, masking, and cleaning — in addition to limiting building occupancy to the lesser of half capacity or 250 people.

Carlisle Events representative Mark Stewart said this year’s show only estimated around 6,000 or 7,000 daily visitors.

The confidential agreement allowed the Carlisle Events to finish the last day of the car show which was scheduled to run June 17 – June 20.

When asked about the settlement, April Hutcheson, Department of Health director Of communications, said, “There are different restrictions for different activities. This has remained consistent throughout the reopening process. Note particularly that flea markets have at least a 50 percent capacity limit. This has been consistent throughout the current phase of reopening for all similar activities.”

Hutcheson added, “The lawsuit was filed in order to prevent the reported 100,000 from attending what was then-billed as a large multi-faceted event during the height of the pandemic.”