MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The booming housing market is making it more challenging for some people to buy their first home. That, plus the tiny house trend is what inspired one local couple to begin married life in a unique way.

It’s a tiny house and big dreams for newlyweds Trevor and Carrissa Rockey. They started dating at West Shore Christian School four years ago and just got married in May.

Home sweet home looks different for everyone

“Our fridge will be on this side,” Carrissa Rockey said. “Up here will be a loft for storage.”

You’d be surprised how much you can squeeze into a 300 square foot space.

“We have the washer/dryer right there and then a little vanity right there, and then a shower,” Trevor Rockey said. “Then right above is the sleeping loft.”

His summer before senior year at Geneva College, Trevor Rockey is building a tiny house for him and his new wife Carissa.

“I always like the idea of it because I feel like I have so many clothes and so many other things, and I feel like this will really teach us to live with less and really teach us that we really don’t need all these things,” Carrissa Rockey said.

“It’s a lot cheaper than a regular house,” Trevor Rockey said. “I guess the housing market is kind of crazy now. We’ve always kind of dreamed of a tiny house too.”

The tiny house is being built from the ground up in Trevor Rockey’s parents’ backyard.

“We get to see Trevor and Carissa all the time now,” Janine Rockey, Trevor Rockey’s mom, said. “They’re newly married and it’s just a nice transition for us.”

Neither of the 21 year-olds have ever done anything like this before, but books, YouTube and help from family goes a long way.

“I’ve been working on it full time for about a month,” Trevor Rockey said.

The high school sweethearts are getting a crash course in construction and design, as well as supply chain issues caused by the pandemic.

“It’s not just an experience,” Mark Rockey, Trevor’s dad, said. “They actually end up with an asset at the end.”

The house’s first stop will be a trailer park near the couple’s college.

“He actually built a shed on the very front of it,” Carrissa Rockey said.

It’s costing about $30,000 to build, but the Rockeys are hopeful that after living there for a few years, they can use the home for guests or rent it out.

“I’m really excited to see the inside done and just to be able to start living in it,” Carrissa Rockey said.