NEWPORT, Pa. (WHTM) — Newport borough codes enforcement officer Harry Nazzaro says two cats have been found dead, with reports of others missing. The Humane Society is now investigating.

Nazzaro says last month, he received reports of poison found near the corner of Gantt and Fifth streets.

“From that point on, we’ve been receiving reports of cats missing and, unfortunately, there were two cats located that were deceased and we also found another container of antifreeze,” Nazzaro said.

That container was discovered near where the first was. Nazzaro says the poisoning seems to be deliberate.

“It appears someone might be trying to take animal control into their own hands, but they’re risking injuring any animal, child, anything that finds the meat laced with the poison,” Nazzaro said.

Kristen Johns says many people in Newport spend their own money to spay and neuter stray cats in addition to feeding them. Her mom has lived in town for 20 years.

“She takes her trash out every week and there’s always cats ripping at it, tearing at it, things like that, and this month has been the first month that she has not seen any cats whatsoever,” Johns said.

Johns says she’s scared for other cats in the area.

“It’s animal abuse and regardless if it’s somebody’s pet or a feral cat, it’s still the same,” Johns said. “They shouldn’t be treated that way.”

If you have any missing animals or see anything suspicious, you’re asked to call the Newport borough codes enforcement officer.