(WHTM) — High school graduation season is in full swing and people at one Midstate ceremony saw something pretty rare, and really cool.

Let’s just say the valedictorian and salutatorian know each other even better than most pairs at the top of their classes do.

Jose and Antonio Centenera are fraternal twins, but brothers don’t come much closer than these two Trinity High grads.

Separated by two minutes at birth but only hundredths of a GPA point.

Antonio, the valedictorian, and Jose, the salutatorian of their class didn’t necessarily surprise everyone, including Trinity High School Principal John Cominsky.

“We heard about them going into ninth grade,” Cominsky said.

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This also isn’t a story about a dramatic sibling rivalry or a fight for number one. The truth is it’s an even better story.

“It’s almost like they were sad that somebody had to be first. It’s that kind of thing. That’s how supportive they are of one another,” said Cominsky.

“It wasn’t really anything that either of us were really set on doing since the beginning of high school. I think I can speak for us both when I say that,” Jose said.

They speak for each other a lot, but are two remarkable guys in different ways.

“Jose’s a talented tennis player, and Antonio is very talented on the piano,” said Cominsky.

The secret, according to their mom Joann?

“I believe that it was it was a combination of just values and faith, family, friends and music,” she said.

But does she give herself a little credit?

“Yeah, a little bit,” the brothers’ mom added.

Their dad, Virgilio, and grandpa, Leandro, are both deacons in the Catholic Church. Both of them are most proud of all of something other than the boys’ grade point averages.

“There’s something greater than themselves. And I think they both manifest that in almost every aspect of their lives and especially in the way that they deal with each other,” said Virgilio Centenera.

“And that’s very, very important. And I’m so happy that they have inherited one of my sons to my grandchildren,” said Leandro Centenera.

Next up for Antonio?

“He’s going to going to study music at Rice. And Jose is going to go to Catholic university and he has a a nice big scholarship waiting for him,” said Cominsky.

What did Jose have to say when asked if he had any thought of going into the family business?

“I know what my parents and grandparents are thinking,” said Jose.

But one final truth:

“God calls them to whatever vocation they might have,” said Virgilio.

As the twins go out into the world they’re conscious of the fact they’ll be living in different places for the first time. They know it’ll be fine and that they will remain spiritually close.

But they are wistful and truly taking in their last moments being physically together.