YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — York County voters in several precincts will be a part of a pilot program as they cast their ballots for the primary election.

Typically, polling places use large books filled with many pages to find the names of voters. But York County is using the primary election to roll out a new program using electronic poll books.

On Tuesday, workers at six York County precincts used the new technology. The e-poll books are from the voting technology company KNOWiNK. Poll workers use a special tablet to enter each voter’s last name. Voters then sign their names on the device, and then they are able to vote.

County officials say that this speeds up the process of getting people in and eliminates the need for those books lined up in alphabetical order.

The county is calling this a trial run and off-year municipal primaries are a good time for that, with typically lower turnover than in midterm or presidential years.

So far, officials say there are no issues.

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“The hope is that we can build a little more efficiency into the process, especially at our larger polling places. (We) can get people in and out a lot quicker and try to cut down on lines and delays,” Chief Operations Officer and Chief Clerk for York County Gregory Monskie said.

There is no cost to the county for the pilot program. Lancaster County is also conducting its own test on an e-book program as well.