CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – It’s been almost two weeks since the Chambersburg Mall closed its doors for good following the departure of its final tenant.

Brett Reichard grew up in Franklin County, and he spent many days there, first as a child, then as an adult.

“It was always a special place,” Reichard said. “It’ll be weird to not see it anymore there.”

However, it seems the plan is for something to end up there, eventually. The president of the Franklin County Area Development Corporation, Michael Ross, made a statement via email regarding the potential future of the building.

“Our office is working closely with NAMDAR Realty regarding the redevelopment possibilities. While a specific reuse concept has not yet been determined, the ownership is committed to marshaling the turn-around of what has been a historically underperforming asset as quickly as possible,” Ross said.

Malls everywhere have had a difficult time rebounding from the ultra-popular online shopping and the pandemic. Other malls in the Midstate have faced issues as well. The Harrisburg Mall is slated for redevelopment along with the Colonial Mall.

The fate of the Chambersburg Mall is still a mystery. Yet, for the people who spent so much time there over the years, the memories will last.

“We’d always enjoy walking through, seeing Santa Claus at Christmas time,” Reichard said.