HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — For its 117th season, Hersheypark has some changes and additions coming in 2023. Some of these are big and some are small, but all the changes coming are pretty sweet!

The first major change to the park has to do with the reimagining of the former Wildcat roller coaster. The coaster, which closed back in 2022, is going under a total redesign and adding elements that have never been seen before in Hersheypark.

The coaster is now called Wildcat’s Revenge and will feature a hybrid design. The hybrid design features a steel track on top of the already existing wood structure. The coaster will also feature four inversions and a drop of 140 feet at an 82-degree angle. The attraction is slated to open in the summer of 2023.

Another change is more visual. New lighting packages have been installed on many rides throughout the park. Lightning Racer, sooperdooperLooper, and the famous pinwheel on the Ferris Wheel have all been decked out in new lights, which are breathtaking to see when the sun sets.

The lights on Candymonium, Laff Trakk, Lightning Racer, sooperdooperLooper, and Jolly Rancher Remix, as well as the upcoming Wildcat’s Revenge and the Dark Nights Haunted Houses, were all designed and installed by Pennsylvania-based Illuminated Integration, located in Harrisburg.

Some new dining is making its way to the park for 2023.

The Chocolatier has seasonal menu offerings that change throughout the year. Click here to see the latest menu options.

Also at the Chocolatier, a new martini flight has made its way to the restaurant. This flight includes three different martinis:

  • Hershey’s Chocolate Covered Orange Martini
  • Hershey’s Chocolate-Covered Raspberry Martini
  • Hershey’s Chocolate-Covered Banana Martini

The flight is available starting on Friday, Jan. 20.

Another change that is not so new, but still relevant and changes yearly is the introduction of a tier system for Hersheypark Season Passes.

Guests can choose between three different levels of passes that suit their budget and lifestyle. The tier system is as follows and the prices listed are as of Jan. 20, 2023.

  • Bite Size Season Passes
    • This pass gives guests a taste of season passes holder perks, with unlimited visits and 50% off general parking for the 2023 season. As of Jan. 20, this pass is a one-time payment of 154.50
  • Full-Size Season Passes
    • This pass adds more perks by including free parking, parking to a VIP season pass lot 15% off food and merchandise, one-hour early entry, and more. As of Jan. 20, the price of this pass is a one-time payment of $178.50
  • King Size Season Pass
    • This pass is for the ultimate Hersheypark fan. Guests with this pass include all the perks of a Full Size Pass, but include first-to-ride access on Wildcat’s Revenge, a Free All year Drink Plan, Free tickets to the park, and more. As of Jan. 20, the price of this past is a one-time payment of $228.

For 2023, Hersheypark is allowing their King Size Passholders the option to purchase an exclusive King Size Souvenir Cup.

All King Size season pass holders will receive their basic drink plan cup when they pick up their season pass bag from the park. However, this cup can be an optional purchase. Guests who purchase the optional cup will receive both the generic cup and the purchased cup.

This can be added to their existing all-year drink plan and is only available to King Size Passholders.