HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM)- A doorbell camera can be a big help in solving crimes or deter them from happening in the first place. With the help of federal funding, Harrisburg City will soon have 80 Ring doorbell cameras and another 120 the following year.

“This is designed to make people feel safer,” said city spokesman Matt Maisel.

The cameras will be offered to residents in Allison Hill and Uptown Harrisburg. The grant covers the cost of the camera and installation. After two years, the homeowner will have to pay for the annual fee. City officials say they want people to feel safe in their homes, but the technology could also help police.

“Occasionally there could be gunfire,” said Uptown Harrisburg resident Jennifer Brown Henley. “Cameras would help in those instances because you can hear it in the distance if it’s up near Schuylkill, or on 6th Street, or down on Radnor, there’s been several shootings over the last couple decades.”

“We hope that they will make that footage available to law enforcement if there is a crime committed on their block or whatnot, but there’s no obligation to do that, we want people to feel safer in their homes,” said Maisel.

The grant also covers free porch light replacement. The city hopes to roll out the cameras in 2024. Anyone with questions about the Ring cameras can call the city.