YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — When the city announced this year’s YorkFest Fine Arts Festival — originally scheduled for this month — wouldn’t happen, some people were disappointed.

And some of those people decided an arts fest-less August wasn’t an option.

“We wanted the opportunity to showcase all the amazing things going on in the city,” said Jessica Weikert, who owns the Revolt Style Studio downtown. “So we didn’t want to lose that…. That’s why we came together to create your York Arts Week.”

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York Arts Weekly will run Aug. 20 through Aug. 27, a Saturday through a Saturday.

“We have children’s activities, classes, gallery openings, films, live performances,” Weikert said. “A ton of amazing stuff the whole week.”

But why no YorkFest? Because the city changed events contractors, said Chaz Green, York’s public works director. Given proper time to plan, the new contractor could do it — and “this event will be put on next year — yes,” Green said.

But as for this year, “We ended up getting the contract and everything signed like in May,” he said. “It just wasn’t enough time to really have a successful event, and we didn’t want to put them in that situation.”

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The new contractor, Working Progress, is already re-launching other long-paused events.

“On Tuesday and Thursday, they’re currently doing Box Lunch Revue, which we haven’t had in two years,” Green said. “So we were able to get that back this year.”

He said Light Up York, the city’s Christmas tree-lighting ceremony, is on for November. Ditto for its New Year’s Eve celebration.

And as for the York Arts Festival filling YorkFest’s void?

“I think it’s great for the community to actually pick up the slack and actually have this event this year,” Green said.

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