ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – A dead skunk was found with an unvaccinated dog and puppies on Nov. 1 in East Berlin and the skunk was then transported to the Pennsylvania Veterinary Laboratory (PADLS) for testing.

Upon testing, the PADLS confirmed that the skunk had rabies and determined the affected area to be between Pondtown Road and Lake Meade Road in Latimore Township.

Rabies can infect humans and other mammals and can be transmitted through a bite or scratch from an infected animal.

If you believe that either you or someone you know is infected by rabies, contact your healthcare provider or the rabies hotline at 877-PA Health.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, the following are ways to prevent rabies:

  • Vaccination of domestic mammals for rabies is very effective. Vaccination is recommended for all species for which there is an approved rabies vaccine. (Discuss vaccination of species for which there is not an approved rabies vaccine with your veterinarian.)
  • By Pennsylvania law, dogs and cats shall be vaccinated against rabies within 4 weeks after the date the dog or cat attains 12 weeks of age, and maintain a current rabies immunity as prescribed by rabies vaccine manufacturers.
  • Do not handle wildlife.