(WHTM) — There is an unexpected update on a long-running story that has caused a lot of emotions in Harrisburg. It appeared that the old William Penn High School Building was headed for demolition, but those plans could change.

The idea was that the whole building would be demolished and to find out how much that would cost. Another idea that was thrown around would be that the facade of the building would be kept as the rest of the building would be demolished.

But it seems as if every option is being looked into. The one thing everyone agrees with is that the building is in bad shape and that something needs to be done. Court-appointed receiver Dr. Lori Suski for the City of Harrisburg is in charge of the district and is looking to reevaluate everything. and would like to reach a consensus with the board.

“Ultimately since I am the one that has to make the unilateral decision, I am hopeful that they would respect the fact that I am not personally comfortable moving forward without looking for other alternatives,” Suski said. “I just feel that in order to make a good and informed decision, you really have to explore every possible aspect that exists.”

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