SILVER SPRING TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — A whole package of important documents lost in the mail for two months — that is what a Cumberland County woman said she is dealing with, and she said the post office is not much help.

Stacy Stewart said this all started back in November 2022, when she put several documents — including her birth certificate — in the mail to renew her passport. Two months later — she does not know where they are, and neither does the postal service.

“I just feel like everybody kind of wrote me off,” Stewart said. “I mean, I’ve spent countless hours on the phone.”

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Stewart said in early November, she put all her documents in an envelope and mailed them at the UPS store — which works with the postal service to ship packages.

“I mailed all of that over to the passport agency in Philadelphia, got a tracking number,” Stewart said.

She started to wonder what was going on when the tracking data showed the package going back and forth.

“It then went to Los Angeles…it was there for a couple days and then it went back to Philadelphia,” she described. Tracking data also showed her package going through Buffalo, New York, and Rochester, New York before going back to Los Angeles a second time.

Stewart’s local post office told her there was an issue with the shipping label.

“The label that they printed out at the UPS store was illegible,” she said. “The address that it was being sent to, my address, it looked like it had double printed, and you couldn’t read anything on it.”

Stewart said the post office also told her another label had somehow gotten stuck to her package with a different barcode. Post office staff said they would help sort it out.

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“I got a phone call from the local post office, telling me that it was going to be sent to the agency, passport agency on Friday. Saturday, it was back in LA which is where it has been since November 26,” Stewart said.

After weeks of back and forth, Stewart said she felt ignored.

“The ASK USPS opened another ticket for me, and they since have closed it, telling me that they don’t know where my package is and there’s nothing they can do for me,” she said.

Stewart said she is not making a fuss over just any package. This one has original, important documents in it.

“You’re talking a social security number, parents’ information,” she said. “This is very sensitive information. If anyone gets ahold of it that shouldn’t get ahold of it, my identity could be compromised.”

Stewart has since re-sent documents and has a new passport, but the original package is still out there. She said it is keeping her up at night.

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“I continue to check credit karma to make sure there’s no hard hits to my credit,” she said. “I just want everything to be sent back to me.”

Stewart said, while her tracking number says her package is in LA, the post office told her it’s not there.

abc27 reached out to the postal service to find out what is happening, and how they handle cases like this. A spokesperson said the postal service is committed to “timely and accurate deliveries” and said after abc27 raised Stewart’s concerns, they are looking into her case.