HAMPDEN TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — A local church just opened a new location in Hampden Township, Cumberland County. The congregation had been looking for a new space for a decade.

Daybreak Church’s new building on Orrs Bridge Road has a worship space that can hold 150 people with social distancing. This past Sunday, there were more than 230 people who showed up, between two services.

“In the space that we had rented before the pandemic, we were limited in space there, and it was set up, it was an elementary school,” lead pastor Ric Jacobs said.

But those days are long gone. For about ten years, Daybreak Church has been looking to expand to a new location. During the pandemic a good opportunity finally presented itself.

“That church had gone through a winter and was closing down, and they were like, we really, we need to sell this building, but our heart in it, is we really want to sell it to someone who has a similar heart,” lead pastor Shawn Andrews said.

The new worship space opened on Feb. 21, after more than a year of renovations. The church boasts more than 11,700 square feet with several group meeting rooms.

“We designed a commons where that could go, that was a big part of our renovations, there also weren’t a lot of kids’ ministry spaces so we added a whole addition for kids ministries,” Andrews said.

The church also worked with Hampden Township officials to pave a walking and bike trail that runs along the property from Orrs Bridge Road to the township’s Creekview Park. They plan to continue beautifying the space this spring.

“Part of our heart in it was to provide a space that is quiet, and a place that is beautiful and a place that people can go and connect,” Andrews said.

Daybreak Church has another location along Gettysburg Pike, and is hoping to eventually add a third.