(WHTM) – It seems every couple of years around here a pet emu is on the run and gets a lot of attention; now we can say that every couple of years the emu makes it home safely.

Two years ago it was the Perry County emu, this year it was a Cumberland County emu that found its way back home.

The emu’s name is Blue and his people, Shelby and John Gribble, who live in Boiling Springs, were blue because he had been missing for weeks.

Blue had been spotted as far home as the Dillsburg area of York County.

John Gribble told abc27 last week that if people just backed off a bit and let Blue relax that he would probably make his way toward home and sure enough that happened!

Dallas Hackenberg helped corral Blue last night.

“Rope guy. Well, we tried three times before and were unsuccessful, so I’ll tell you what,” said Hackenberg. “That’s the first time I’ve ever tried to catch a large bird. It was kind of intimidating when it got close because it stood eye to eye with me.”

abc27 mentioned the Perry County emu earlier, well Blue is going to become a Perry County emu himself.

One of his two original siblings lives at a farm in Perry County so the Gribbles thought Blue would be happiest living out his days with his litter mate.