(WHTM) – A Cumberland County man was stopped at Harrisburg International Airport with a loaded firearm.

According to a Transportation Security Administration spokesperson, the man was stopped after the 9mm handgun was detected in his carry-on bag on Sunday.

The bag was stopped after going through an X-ray unit and being examined by TSA officers. Local police removed the firearm and allowed the man to return the firearm to his vehicle.

The Mechanicsburg man, who was not identified, was issued a criminal citation.

The incident was the second time a gun has been found at Harrisburg International Airport this year. Last year officers located 10 firearms at TSA checkpoints.

“The TSA officers in Harrisburg perform their jobs exceptionally well,” said Karen Keys-Turner, TSA’s Federal Security Director for the airport. “When dangerous items such as loaded guns are brought to a security checkpoint, it represents a serious security and safety concern. When a bullet is in the chamber of the firearm, it is an accident waiting to happen. Individuals are not permitted to carry a firearm through a security checkpoint— not someone with a concealed weapons permit, not someone who is enrolled in TSA PreCheck®, not an airport worker and not a traveler.”