DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Dauphin County is making some changes when it comes to its prison system. Commissioners have an announcement regarding it on, Wednesday, Feb. 8.

Commissioner Mike Pries begin by saying that this marks a new era for Dauphin County Prison. Commissioners announced two new positions in hopes of improving accountability.

“We continue to assemble a strong, professional team at our prison and across our corrections system to continue the hard work that is leading to positive change at the prison,” said Commissioner Chair Mike Pries, who also chairs the Prison Board. “These two new hires will work with Warden Gregory Briggs and leadership staff already in place to ensure these changes are long-lasting.”

A familiar face to many people, John Bey, will become the director of criminal justice, the executive leader of the prison and across the corrections system. He will also serve as a liaison between prisons, courts, and other criminal justice departments,

Bey is the former Lancaster City Police chief and resigned in May of 2022. He also served over 20 years with the Pennsylvania State Police and retired as a captain. Bey has said the position immediately appealed to him, stating he is the right person to lead this transformation and recognizes more needs to be done to modernize the prison and improve operations.

“I am here to assume a challenging role, but with the benefit of a strong foundation of reform actions already in place,” Bey said. “I believe strongly in the power of collaboration and partnership, and that includes connections with the community to make these reform steps successful.”

Kevin Myers has been assaigned to the newly created internal affairs positions. He will report to bey and take on internal investigations. Meyers has more than 20 years of law enforcement experience with federal state and local agencies.

The two new positions come after county commissioners brought in former Pennsylvania Secretary of Corrections, John Wetzel, to serve as special advisors to the prison board and lead prison reform efforts. Since 32021, Wetzel has been doing a top-to-bottom evaluation of the DCP.

Both positions were among the recommendations made by Wetzel, contracted by the county as a special advisor

Both Myers and Bey will begin their employment starting the week of Feb. 8.