DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – Bumble Bee Hollow Golf Center says they are “taking a mulligan” on their planned closure and will remain open.

“I was sad to hear that they were shutting down. It just meant that I would have to travel further to get any golf range experience to a specific course,” said Paul Sremcich, a local golfer.

The golf center’s Facebook page says they will remain open for a minimum of five more years.

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In July the driving range said they would be closing permanently on September 30 because their land was converted into a Conservation Easement. Bumble Bee Hollow said they did not own their land.

“Behind that fence, it’s not allowed to have anybody walking on it, any mowers or any machinery or let it be disturbed. We didn’t know this was a thing until about a year ago,” said Brandon Rogers, co-owner of Bumble Bee Hollow.

A week before the golf center was supposed to close, the owners found a solution. A four-foot-tall fence that captures golf balls near the 200 yard mark.

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“The reason why that matters to us is the flight of the ball, so when people are here at the range want to they want to see that ball take off 300 yards if possible,” added Rogers.

Rogers had concerns about the new fence impacting customers’ experience.

“If they [customers] are not caring, and we’re not a losing a ton of balls in the process, let’s keep it going. Invest the 200 yards here,” said Rogers.

Rogers also said Bumble Bee Hollow is planning a six-figure investment to renovate the golf center. “We’ve got everything from automated ball machines coming through, to face lifts, and paint to add, to drive new business to keep our current clients happy,” Rogers concluded.

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The new fence hasn’t hurt business at all; In fact, business is better than this time last year.